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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying,
sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

Home Watch Business Owner

An investment in your success 


Home Watch Training Program
  • The Home Watch Business Owner course is the foundation course of the Home Watch Academy. Whether you are ready to launch your company, prepared to expand your current business, or create a Home Watch Division, this is the place to start.
"It is not just training.
It is a career-long resource."
  • Forms for the Client Presentation Packet, including the contract, are sent to you in a Word Document that you can customize.
  • All students have a personal dashboard and access the HW Academy Community, the place to contact instructors and other students.
  • Upon graduation from the Home Watch Training Program, you will have full access to the Graduate Resource Center
    90 Day Free Trial 
Payment Plans Available
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Home Watch Reporter

Build your team
  • Home Watch business owners can enroll their team members for training on
    The Exceptional Home Watch Visit.
  • This program is available exclusively to employees of Graduates of the Home Watch Training Program who are active subscribers to the Home Watch Academy.
  • Grow and scale your Home Watch business, confident in a team of Home Watch Reporters who have all received the same training.  This is the ultimate level of efficiency and consistency.
  • Home Watch Reporters will have access to a variety of resources and ongoing education.

Graduate Resource Center

Dedicated to your ongoing success 
$49 per month
FREE 90-Day Trial
Home Watch Academy Graduates
  • The learning never ends. After completing the Home Watch Business Owner course, students have full access to a growing library of courses, ongoing education, and resources. 
  • Features include the Daily News, Community, Home Watch Hotline, Graduate Training Calls, Home Watch Huddles, Live Training, Mentoring, and more!
  • Courses like Household Operations, The Business of Your Business, Sales and Marketing, Business Builder Podcasts, and the Graduate Training Call Library continues to grow with the consistent additions of new modules and content.
  • Upon successful completion and graduation from the Home Watch Business Owner course, the new Graduate enrolls in the  Graduate Resource Center.  This exceptional continuing education features a variety of podcasts and recorded meetings.  It is less than the price of one Home Watch Visit per month and free for the 90-Day Trial period.
  • The Home Watch Training Program is a prerequisite, and only Graduates can subscribe to the Graduate Resource Center.